Project Robin nestboxes (Erithacus rubecula)

The following group(s) participate in this project:

Vogelbescherming Nederland
VWG Uden
VWG Helden

CJ Vivara European Research


Robin nestboxes (Erithacus rubecula)

Robin nest boxes type 004 A t/m C

These nestboxes should be sited as detailed under ‘method’. After putting up the nest box, the checklist should be completed as fully as possible. The nestboxes should be checked at least twice during the breeding season. Data should be entered on the control card. This card should be mailed or returned at the end of every season. The remaining data and observations should be filled in on the conclusion form and returned at the end of the season.

The welfare of any occupants of the nestboxes should be taken into account at all times!


  • The nestboxes must be in position before the end of February.
  • All nestboxes must be encoded according to the numbering on the checklist.
  • Site the nest using your local knowledge and expertise.
  • Do not place them higher than 1.5 meters (4,92 feet)
  • This nestbox is likely to work best if well hidden by vegetation.
  • Make sure that after hanging the nest you take a photograph of it.
  • Please don’t add nest material.
  • The duration of the project is at least 5 years

What we would like to know:

  • Are the nestboxes the correct size and shape?
  • Is the entrance hole the correct size and shape?
  • Was the box used by a robin?
  • If not, was it used by anything else?
  • How high was the artificial nest?
  • If possible record the breeding success where appropriate.
  • Miscellaneous observations. (see conclusion form)

004A Standard nest box


004B Standard nest box


004C mix of concrete and wood with plywood on the roof and back