Welcome to Wildlife Research Europe

CJ Wildlife and Vivara, our sister company in the Netherlands, are working closely with leading wildlife experts throughout Europe on a series of research projects.

Through working together we aim to ensure that any product we sell is the best possible design for the wildlife it is intended for.

CJ Wildlife and Vivara are proud to be working with the top researchers in their fields and we are committed to a continual process of trialling, innovation and improvement.

Featured project:

New design of bat roosting box

We are pleased to be working with experts from the Lincolnshire Bat Group on a new design of bat roosting box.

The new product will be particularly suitable for use by niche-roosting...

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Featured Group:

Vogelbescherming Nederland

Vogelbescherming Nederland dedicates itself to the conservation of wild birds and their habitats. Bird populations are not restricted to our...

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