Nico de Haan

Nico de Haan (b 07-22-1947) started his career at Vogelbescherming Nederland (the Dutch partner of Birdlife International) in 1974 as assistant to the director, where his first assignment was to professionalize the reserve management. In 1984 he became the deputy director. As the head of the media department Nico de Haan presented several radio- and television programmes, and furthermore specialized in scenario writing and producing television programmes and educational films concerning various wild life and bird protection issues. He regularly participated in international wild life conferences throughout Europe.

After almost 30 years of service with Vogelbescherming Nederland, he started his own business on January 1st 2004: VogelkijkCentrum Nederland. In addition to the making of television and radio programmes and documentaries, he also utilizes the ‘new media’ and produces a successful on-line bird watching course ( He also organizes workshops and excursions and regularly acts as a chairman at conferences and debates. He also teaches an management course based on ‘management as birds know it’. As of January 1st 2004 he is ambassador of Vogelbescherming Nederland, and continues to support and promote their goal of making the world in general and the Netherlands in particular a place where birds can thrive and can continue to be admired.

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