Natuurprojectenbureau Stichting "De Lierelei

“De Lierelei” is a natural history foundation involved in the research and monitoring of wildlife projects in Limburg Province in the Netherlands.

Their researchers specialise in plantlife and vegetation, wildlife including amphibians and reptiles, birds, mammals, fish, insects and invertebrates. “De Lierelei” also profits from the specialist knowledge of its 16 study groups thanks to its association with the Society of Natural History in Limburg. “De Lierelei” also has access to the Society’s extensive database of over 1.3 million natural history records of the province. All this gives us an excellent insight into wildlife trends in a given area.

Natuurprojectenbureau Stichting De Lierelei
Godsweerderstraat 2
6041 GH Roermond
telefoon: 0475-386470
contactpersoon: Henk Heijligers

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Project Toad house