Lincolnshire Bat Group

The Lincolnshire Bat Group is a voluntary organisation which was formed in 1983. The main roles of the Bat Group are:

  • Educating and raising awareness, for example by giving talks and organising bat walks.
  • Recording the distribution of bats in Lincolnshire.
  • Surveying roost sites within the county. This includes checking bat boxes, surveying hibernation sites and carrying out surveys for the National Bat Monitoring Programme (NBMP)
  • Taking care of injured and abandoned bats. Many of these are released back into the wild.
  • Involving local schools and other groups in activities.

The Group has quarterly meetings, which all members are encouraged to attend. The group's newsletter 'BatLincs' is published twice a year. There is also a Christmas social evening, which often has a guest speaker. These meetings and social evenings are held in Horncastle, as this is a central location for such a large county.

Lincolnshire Bat Group Website