Vogelbescherming Nederland

Vogelbescherming Nederland dedicates itself to the conservation of wild birds and their habitats. Bird populations are not restricted to our borders, no more than the habitats they need. Therefore, Vogelbescherming Nederland is the Dutch Partner of BirdLife International, a globally active Partnership of non-governmental conservation organisations with a focus on birds and their habitats.

Birds are good indicators of the state and quality of nature and the environment. An essential precondition to conserve biodiversity on earth is preserving the richness in bird species under natural living conditions. Vogelbescherming Nederland bases its priorities on three aspects:

Legal protection

Legal protection of birds and their habitats is the basis of our work. Vogelbescherming helps in an active way to achieve legislation and keeps a keen eye on the implementation.

Species and habitats

Vogelbescherming draws up conservation plans for threatened species and is also closely involved in their implementation. The aim is to help a whole group of birds through protection of certain habitats, instead of only one species. An example of a successful approach is the Conservation Plan for Marshland Birds.

Important Bird Areas (IBAs)

Legally protected Important Bird areas are of international importance for large numbers of birds. Conservation of Important Bird Areas is the main concern within Vogelbescherming's policy. Wetlands are given special attention and a network of volunteer IBA-caretakers has been set up to protect these sites.

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